Club Racing & DE Events

Are you ready to get on track? Learn more about our car rentals and track mentorship programs.

Workshops & Automotive Clinics

Find independence in knowing what is happening under the hood of your car. These clinics are designed to teach you the basics on vehicle maintenance.

Sponsorship Possibilities

Learn more about the professional opportunities for women in the automotive industry.

When women get behind the wheel - we win.

MO Racing was created to inspire, mentor and amplify opportunities to drive, crew or avidly spectate.  We have built a vehicle for encouraging and promoting participation in STEAM or STEM fields. Every day we work towards increasing participation in Club Motorsports and producing automotive savvy results in increased profits.

Women in motorsports are key in growing revenues by creating connections with the most avid buyers across markets.

Essential skills for success

Proper skills are essential for success. MO Racing is developing initiative programs that are focused on sharing these skills that will provide the confidence, the capabilities, and the connections for success.

Meet the team

The MO Racing team is passionate about what we are doing. Meet our team and discover the MO Racing story.